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Competition Teams

Florida JROTC Orienteering



          a competitive sport in which participants find their way to various checkpoints across rough country with the aid of a map and compass, the winner being the one with the lowest elapsed time.

Orienteering courses offer something for everyone. 

YELLOW: the “advanced beginner” course, (2-3 km). Controls are on distinct line features (eg. paths) or raised point features (e.g. knolls) immediately adjacent to a line feature and are close together. Routes between controls follow line features with only a few junctions to negotiate between controls. More challenging than the White course, the Yellow course may be appropriate for a starting adult orienteer or older teenagers who have some confidence in their ability to read a map. Orienteers at the White and Yellow levels should be mastering the BEGINNING SKILLS of orienting the map and basic map reading.

ORANGE: the “intermediate” course will generally NOT stay on trails. Controls may be on prominent features that are reasonably close to an attack point or a line feature. Catching line features are found behind controls on long legs to make mistakes fairly painless. The quickest route choice may be through runnable forest, but an alternative using line features is available. The legs of an Orange Course may vary widely in length and should offer distinct route choices

GREEN: should be considered “expert” courses. The course setter is free to place controls on any mapped feature, trying to make legs with difficult route choices. The penalties for navigation errors can be severe. These courses differ only in the degree of physical challenge provided and have course lengths ranging from 3 to 15 km. To complete an Advanced course, you need nothing more than the Intermediate-level skills, executed accurately and reliably.

Gold Head Branch State Park

           🏆 Individual Trophies 🏆 
🥈2nd Plc - JYM - Robles, Jose-Carlos
🥈 2nd Plc - JYF - Browning, Kendra
🏅 4th Plc - JOF - Cadet, Anjali
🥉 3rd Plc - JGM - Tortolo, Robert
🥉 3rd Plc - JGF - Fernandez, Sara

🏆 Team Trophies 🏆
🏅 4th Plc - Yellow - Gaither (2)
🏅 5th Plc - Orange - Gaither (2)
🏅 4th Plc - Green - Gaither (1)
🥉 3rd Plc - Green - Gaither (2)

                   🏆 Over All 🏆
🏅 4th Plc - Gaither (2)
🥉 3rd Plc - Gaither (1)


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