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Basic Leadership Training Camp

Basic Leadership Training Camp (BLTC), is held at the Flaming Arrow Scout Reserve in Lake Wales, FL from late July into early August. 

Weather permitting; activities will include swimming, canoeing, sailing, orienteering, ropes course, marksmanship/archery, drill, academics and fitness training.  Photos will be posted daily on the

Gulf Coast BLTC web Page

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Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy (LA), is held at the Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg, FL each June.  Top cadets are chosen to attend this week long training program that is both physically and mentally challenging,   Cadets must first complete BLTC training before participating in Leadership Academy. The 2019 summer session has already taken place.   


Leader Sail

LeaderSail, also known as Sail Academy, is held in the US Virgin Islands each summer.  Developed by JROTC Instructors, and specifically tailored to JROTC cadets from all services, the program provides hands on leadership and seamanship training, Students may also participate in training with the British Virgin Island Search and Rescue or US Coast Guard,     

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