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2022 - 2023
Gaither Orienteering


1st Place


Holder Mine - JROTC State Championship

March 25, 2023

🔶 State Competition 🔶

The orienteering season for 2022-2023 is officially over. Gaither cadets did absolutely AMAZING at states today in Holder Mine, Inverness. The Cadets that had the opportunity to go to Nationals early this week definitely brought back some new skills and made sure to implement them today.



2023 National Orienteering Championship

March 18, 2023

There were a total of 522 cadets from 35 schools from all over the United States who participated in the two day National Orienteering Event.

Even though Gaither didn’t bring home any trophies, they are still amongst the best in the nation, and that is something that can not be denied. Here are some pictures of your cadets and some of the events that took place this weekend.

1st Place


Croom South

February 11, 2023

Todays Orienteering event at Croom was intense, with many teams vying for the top spot, but the Gaither NJROTC team stood out as each cadet worked hard to demonstrate their skills and abilities in one of the toughest courses they will see this season.

1st Place


Lake Louisa

January 12, 2023

The competition with a view.
We had a smaller turnout due to other NJROTC events happening simultaneously. This doesn’t take away from the amazing work the cadets have put in. Gaither’s Orienteering Team is now in full practice for their National Competition in March.

1st Place


Wekiwa Springs

December 10, 2022

🔶 We are going to Nationals 🔶

Today Gaither competed at Wekiwa Springs against 13 other amazing orienteering Schools! While we are very proud of our individual cadets, it has to be said that the TEAM as a whole did amazing and brought their 🅰️ game to this competition.

3rd Place


Gold Head Branch State Park

November 19, 2022

Today the Orienteering team(s) participated in their first comp of the season. They have had to postpone or cancel events due to the weather, but now they are back in business! This is the first time for many of the cadets and it shows that they have learned what they have been taught. Those after school practices definitely have been worth every effort. Gaither had 3 teams competing, and the awards are as follows for Individual Trophies.

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